FoodSaver® Upper Gasket Assembly

FoodSaver® Upper Gasket Assembly




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Supports the following FoodSaver® Appliances: All V2400, V2800, V3400, and V3800 Series Appliances

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Supports the following FoodSaver® Appliances: All V2400, V2800, V3400, and V3800 Series Appliances

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FoodSaver® Upper Gasket Assembly 4.6 5 345 345
Worked great in the beginning I upgraded my foodsaver to the stainless V2840. Was pleased with it until I started having problems with the vaccum cycle. I thought the rubber gasket was failing so i ordered a new one from foodsaver. The good news is it arrived quickly, the bad news is it didn't solve my problem. This foodsaver saw very limited use until it stopped working for me. The reason I didn't recommended it was I felt It saw very little usage to have quit working. (30 to 40 packages through it) I could have recieved a lemon, but I've heard good things from others about foodsaver. It was money down the drain for me. January 23, 2014
Didn't fix my problem The machine my wife and I bought has from the start had problems pulling a vacuum. It works fine for the first two or three bags, then it makes all the right noises but nothing happens. We thought we were doing something wrong, as it worked part of the time. After a while we decided it was the machine. Fortunately, we don't use it much but it's been a few years of frustration and we are about ready to toss the machine and get something else. The gaskets were cheap, so we decided to try replacing them on the off-chance the originals were bad. The new gaskets made no difference. September 9, 2015
Love my Foodsaver! I've had my machine for 5 years-one of the most important items in my kitchen! I just purchased a new set of gaskets because i wasnt getting a good seal--the machine works like new. One thing, they should tell you in the MANUAL that the gaskets need replacing occasionally. I only learned this when a couple of years ago the machine stopped sealing well and i called customer service. Also, their customer service folks are very helpful. A wonderful product! (if you live in the desert like I do, you might not get much use out of the cannisters--it is so dry here that the rubber gaskets dont work for more than a couple of months. Nonetheless, i've saved many $$$ buying meat on sale, freezing all kinds of foods, etc. Great product. January 3, 2016
Upper Gasket assembly fit perfectly My gaskets, both upper and lower, were deformed from being stored for several years, without any usage. When I went to use the food saver, the gaskets would not permit the unit to draw a vacuum. The new gaskets fit, and worked fine. I had some difficulty determining exactly just which part to order and how many. I knew my machine had two gaskets, one in the lid and the other in the base, both damaged from storage, however in the product description write up, there is no mention of the lower gasket in the base. Comparing the two damaged gaskets, I took a chance and ordered two, upper gaskets, finding they can be used interchangeably. Installation is as simple as pulling out the old deformed gaskets and, NEATLY, reinserting the new gaskets. October 17, 2015
Easy I stored the saver with it unlocked but I accidentally left the cord inside and it pressed the seal into an odd shape and caused the machine unable to seal. My husband found the problem and we went on the site and ordered a couple seals. It saved us money because they were here in just a few days. It worked right away more money was saved. We have been using Food Saver for years and I won't go without one. Nowadays it pays to use one. If you don't have one, I suggest one that holds the rolls. Saves space and time putting them together. November 20, 2015
Did not work at all This piece totally didn't work, it has no self adhesion so you have to try and glue it on, which doesn't work at all!!! There are no instructions that come with it, so I did the best I could with guessing how it worked. I even placed the new gasket in the bottom chamber to ensure it was lined up properly and then shut the lid, let it set over night so the glue was dry. Well, when we opened the lid it all looked good up until we tried to close it again and the gasket would not line up, which made the whole thing worthless. January 4, 2016
Gasket band After reading some previous reviews I decided to try to replace the gaskets in my Food Saver before getting rid of it. I am super glad I tried this first. Since I had never (in over 10years) replaced the gaskets, I figured it was worth a try. Plus it was an inexpensive purchase It was not vacuuming fully and not going into automatic seal since all the air was not being pulled out. The new gaskets put it back to new working order. I hope it lasts for more and more as it has saved me lots of money. February 2, 2016
Foodsaver Model V2420 My Foodsaver started to give me trouble, it wasn't drawing the air out. I have had it for about 8 years, so maybe it was time for a new one. I wanted to check out help and support just in case, So I went online, and came to the Foodsaver site for help. I read and found out other people were having the same problem and found a solution. I ordered the gaskets and they solved the problem for $12, instead of having to buy a brand new one.I am back to vac sealing everything . I am very thankful and will continue to support Foodsaver.! January 28, 2014
Great Product This was our first vacuum sealer and it got a workout in the first year. It still works great. Within a year our sealer stopped suctioning air. I discovered that storing it in the locked position compressed the seals and was the source of the problem. My fault.... I checked a large online retailer and discovered in the reviews the value of buying from I only had to spend a little money on seals and it was functioning again as new. I was happy to find the replacement seals here at a decent price. January 20, 2015
Gasket replacement I am on my third food saver and this one - the gasket went bad. My husband ordered and replaced the gasket and I am once again able to seal my food saver bags. I have a young single daughter in Chicago and I make alot of her favorite foods (taco meat, sloppy joes, tomatoes, squash, chili, lasagna, brocolli cheese soup, ham and bean soup,and others stuff. I bag and seal it - label it - freeze it flat. When she visits. Her rolling luggage is just right for many packages and they arrive with her via train. She has the fixings for home made meals for one or two. I also package for singles, therefore, she can use only what she needs. I also do hamburg, ham, chicken, etc - all my kids love their homecook meals with no messing trips. So it was very important for the gasket to function to my needs. October 18, 2013
Replaced gaskets on Food Saver I purchased our Food Saver System in 2009 and have never regretted it. It is literally used every day to reseal chips, cereal bags, frozen vegetables, etc - all in their original bags. And of course, I use it to freeze meats and fresh vegetables in the Food Saver bags. After 6 years of daily use, we began having trouble getting the Food Saver to extract the air from the bags. I ordered new gaskets, popped them in place and it works like brand new again! Great product! Couldn't live without it! March 11, 2015
These Gaskets Work I have a V2490. As the gaskets stiffened up over the years I found that I had to take them out, run them under the faucet, squeeze out the water then put them back in the FoodSaver in order for them to be pliable enough to form a tight seal so I finally decided that it was time to replace the gaskets. While the product description says "upper gasket assembly", I could see for the V2490 both the top and bottom gaskets were the same size so I ordered two. They pressed right in place and work as expected. July 10, 2014
Restored full operation My 10 year old machine was vacuuming but not fully and needed to be manually forced into sealing mode. The bag would then begin to back fill with air until the seal took. Removing both gaskets and wetting them under the faucet would restore function for a cycle or two but that was becoming tedious so I ordered two new gaskets for top and bottom, installed them and was rewarded with as new performance. My only complaint is that the gaskets that fit my machine were out of stock for months on line. There appear to be two different stock numbers for these gaskets and the catalogue description does not specify which fits what machine. Call customer service to verify which one fits your machine. Another confusing thing, they are called Upper Gasket Assembly but fit both top and bottom. Order two. May 10, 2014
It makes the unit seal like it ws brand new Putting new gaskets in when it starts taking a long time to seal or when it just seems to go on and on and never finishes sealing - that's when you know it's time for a couple of new gaskets. Buy 2 and try replacing one at a time and see if you can get by with just replacing one and keeping one as a back up.These gaskets fit like a glove but be careful - if you have a machine with one foam gasket and 1 hard one like my V3825 - the hard gasket can't be replaced - just the foam one. I've heard a person bought a couple of gaskets for her V38XX and tore out the hard gasket - and had to get a new machine. In my V2860 these gaskets fit both the top and bottom - even though it says here it's for 1 only - BUT it will fit top and bottom. Again that is if you have 2 FOAM gaskets that can easily pulled out. April 18, 2014
These are extending the life of my Food Saver. After 7 years of use, my Food Saver was losing suction and all the air was not being removed from the bags. I thought I was going to have to purchase a new one, but decided to check online to see if there was a fix for this problem. I found that just replacing the sealing gaskets fixed the problem. I would say that it is almost "as good as new". Obviously, after , 7 years of use, it will eventually need to be replaced. Especially since I have begun to use it for more and more foods. November 21, 2013
Frugal Grandmother :) I have had my FoodSaver for quite a few years & use it several times a week, saving myself tons of money sealing the food & keeping it fresh. The vacuum was slowly loosing it's ability to get all the air out of the bags & I thought that I would have to purchase a new unit BUT I fount these replacement gasgets....ordered two (one for a spare) popped out the bad one, popped in the replacement & wallah it is now in perfect working order. Much less expensive than purchasing a new unit. November 29, 2013
Lower gasket fixed the problem! In correspondence with customer service about the problem I was having with my 3 yr old food saver, they correctly diagnosed the problem suggesting I order a new gasket. I purchased the very inexpensive part and it worked perfectly after the install. Thanks you so much, this is my 3rd food saver and wish I would have thought just to replace needed parts on the other 2. Love this product as we live in a rural area and freeze many meats, fruits and vegetables for use all year long. January 13, 2014
Quick shipping, saves me a ton of money I always get good service from the folks at Foodsaver....recent purchase was for new gaskets. This is about the third time I have replaced gaskets, thus not needing to buy a new machine. We use our machine a lot, so we need gaskets about every two years. Much less expensive to replace than to buy new machine, even at a discount, and super easy to replace. Also, I've tried the vacuum rolls from another company and they don't compare with the sturdiness of the Foodsaver brand. January 23, 2015
Good product but…. I like the results when using the food saver but using it can be a bit tricky. Problems include: Estimating bag size required. Storage of device when not in use. Particles of food that stick to inside of the bag can prevent bag from sealing properly which is not apparent when sealing and shows up later with frost on food. Even with correct storage and also removal of the rubber seals when not in use, seals require regular and rather frequent replacement( I buy six at a time. December 22, 2014
Works Like Brand New! My Foodsaver was not pulling all the air out of the bags, yet the motor sounded strong and healthy. I checked the rubber gasket (where the edge of the bag goes), and found it to be brittle and torn. I removed the old gasket, and cleaned the track it sits in. Then I ordered a replacement gasket, installed it in seconds, and the machine works like brand new again! I couldn't be happier! I've been using Foodsaver machines for at least 25 years, and wouldn't be without one. April 9, 2015
In the end, i was happy. Needed the upper seal to fix my Food Saver. It was out of stock for a couple of months, but when it was available, I ordered 2 to avoid having to wait again. Price was great. Amazon's price was 6 times higher, which is why it was probably out of stock. People were probably buying them for $3 and selling them for 18. When I got it, it didn't come with any instructions, so it took a while to get it just right. Once I got it right, it works like a charm. I am happy again. May 9, 2014
Cost effective I have gone through two FoodSaver systems. My first one died after several years of use and I couldn't find a new FoodSaver system. My brother let me borrow one he got but it wasn't at all effective. When I got my next FoodSaver system, three years later, I fell in love all over again. Finally, however it quit sealing after vacuuming. Rather than wait another 3 years I ordered a new vacuum sealer. I figured that I would also order new gaskets for my used system, in case that was the problem. Surprise, it was! I now have two vacuum sealers that I use every day. You really need to order these if your system won't seal after vacuuming. I needed the ring gasket on both the top and the bottom of the tray so I ordered 2 sets of gaskets. I got two rings & one flat piece. I can truly recommend FoodSaver & all it's products. May 2, 2014
New Life Four Food Saver We have had our food saver for over 5 years and I was afraid it was time to invest in a new one. The vacuum seal was not pulling air properly and therefore the pump was not shutting off/sealing the bags. Before spending money on a new machine, we decided to spend a couple dollars on new seals. BINGO! We just saved over a hundred dollars and our old machine is like new again! Quick, cheap fix and I discovered other bags/products on the website that I love as well. October 6, 2014
order was useless I ordered online, specifically giving my product model number. After receiving the gaskets inquired to customer support, how to remove the old gaskets and replace with the new. I received the answer that my model did not require replacement gaskets. Then why did you sell them to me???? I have kept them since returning them will cost shipping. Very unhappy! The unit still stops removing air from the sealing process after you have sealed 2-3 items. August 15, 2015
Great solution Ordered the gasket set to solve my sealing problem. Delivery was quick and installation was simple. The only suggestion is sell upper and lower gasket as a kit. I don't know why someone would order just one gasket. A kit would end the confusion. Also let purchasers know in your product instructions that this is a part that wears out over time so they know they will be replacing this. Overall this is a great product! April 21, 2014
Gaskets R Us This is my second Foodsaver®. After about fifteen years I wore out my first one that I bought in the mid '90s. The Foodsaver® is a great kitchen tool. I use it more than twice a week to either vacuum seal fresh or cooked foods. When I slow smoke mass quantities of pork shoulders, I bag up at least 6 bags of pulled pork for the freezer. The new gaskets I just bought for my Foodsaver® have revived it's ability to keep my food fresh. January 11, 2016
Something to Always Have On Hand The upper and lower gaskets don't last forever, and when they get older they become a bit stiff. When that happens, it can be hard to get a good seal on the machine. It's very helpful to have these on hand and ready to go when it's time to replace the gaskets...they make the FoodSaver® machine work like new again. Since they aren't very expensive, I like to keep extras, and I always replace both the upper and lower at the same time. June 28, 2015
Yeah, Don't need new Food Saver I contacted Food Saver because my food saver wasn't vacuuming anymore and I really didn't want to buy a new one. the one I have is a more expensive model and I am not a person who throws appliances out lightly. Well Food Saver customer support told me to try and replace the gasket around the vacuum part. That is this part. I did that and now my Food saver works find. A small price to pay. Thanks Food Saver. April 21, 2014
saved me! I'm not sure how old my Foodsaver is (at least 10 years, V2440) but it wasn't sucking the air very well anymore, couldn't active the sealer, and I was making the best of it. I use it every day all the time, mostly to reseal chip bags, cereal bags and to freeze stuff. I don't want the latest Foodsaver, it's too large, I just want my workhorse back. These new gaskets were the answer. My little friend is back in action! thanks!!! November 30, 2014
Upper Gasket Replacement for V3825 When bag sealing becomes weak to nonexistent, the gaskets are usually the first (and cheapest) repair to try. With the V3825, only the upper gasket is replaceable. The closed cell foam replacement gasket fit properly once the old gasket was removed. Removal took a bit of effort to ensure all the pieces of the old gasket were removed from the plastic housing. Once the new unit was in place, the bag sealing performed properly. December 17, 2015
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