FoodSaver® Regular Jar Sealer
  • FoodSaver® Regular Jar Sealer
  • FoodSaver® Regular Jar Sealer
  • FoodSaver® Regular Jar Sealer
  • FoodSaver® Regular Jar Sealer

FoodSaver® Regular Jar Sealer




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Put a lid on it with the FoodSaver® Regular Jar Sealer to preserve freshness and texture of food items and dry goods. Fits standard size mason-type jars.

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The FoodSaver® Regular Jar Sealer fits on your own Ball® and Kerr® Mason jars and works with FoodSaver® vacuum sealer systems to keep goods fresh longer. Great for liquids, fragile foods and dry goods like brown sugar, spices, dried fruit and coconut. FoodSaver® Regular Jar Sealers replace standard Mason-type jar lids to create a vacuum seal that locks out air - the enemy of freshness. Not to be used for canning.

  • Seals in Freshness
  • Re-vacuums jars easily
  • Great for sauces, mustards, and jams
  • For use with standard size mason-type jars and lids
  • Air-tight and odor proof
  • Stain-resistant
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • BPA free

Product dimensions: 2" H x 3.5" W x 3.5" L

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FoodSaver® Regular Jar Sealer 4 5 167 167
Small Canning Lid Needs Improvement I just bought your basic Foodsaver and find it is a great tool. I was very interested in the canning jar accessories and thought it would be a big savings since it is reusable. I tried the large jar and it worked wonders; just as it was advertised. Since I had a number of regular jars I thought that would be a good way to use the jars. The first time I tried it, it worked great. After I allowed it to rest, it went on STRIKE. Yes, it no longer wanted to seal. I discovered sometimes the lids were twisted. I am of the opinion the rubber gasket needs help. . January 24, 2013
Accessory Hose "NOT INCLUDED" Have had the Vacuum Sealer for years so decided to get both of the FoodSaver® Wide-Mouth Jar Sealer,Regular and an extra box of Bags.Well,when the Product arrived there were NO Accessory Hose's! Just assumed that they came with the Hose's,what good is the Jar Sealer without the Accessory Hose! Now that we have them and cannot use them we are forced to purchased the Accessory Hose and Pay for the Shipping that was FREE due to any Order that was over $25.00. Accessory Hose "NOT INCLUDED" should be written in with the Over View of the Products! January 1, 2014
good idea, butt... Regular mouth jar sealer ONLY works using two lids. (I turn the top one upside down). It is about to get a fender washer epoxied to the gadget. Tell your Tool & Die machinist to face off about a sixteenth inch from the piece that forms the inside of the part on their injection mold. That will make up the difference another lid does by adding a smidgen more plastic Another use I've found is, when using granny's hand-me-down, old aqua jars, I like to seal a lid on each empty jar when not in use. Then when I get it out next year, if it ain't sealed, it either gets a zinc lid w/ribber ring, or its turned into "decor". PLEASE get in touch with your factory's injection mold dept. Obviously one of the molds has an issue. Everything else works fine. March 13, 2014
instructions on website not clear When i read the instructions for this product prior to purchasing it, I was under the assumption that the sealer was all that I needed. I purchased three vacuum sealers thinking that was all i'd need. I dont have the lids to my jars as I inherited them (they were originally used as drinking glasses...) and trying to find the lids has proved a pain. Im sure, after I find lids, that this product will save money in terms of wasted bags and prove cheaper than the canisters, but until I find the lids, its proving pretty much a waste of money. November 9, 2012
My experience with this product Today I wanted to seal dehydrated bell peppers from the garden in a small mason jar. After inspecting the jar, I got out a new lid and gave it a try... it failed. Then I got out a lid that I had used for canning (I saved them for crafts). I went through the seal process, disconnected the accessory hose, then removed the sealer... IT WORKED! So, I will reuse my lids from canning and if I run out, or they finally give out, I will heat the lids first just like in the canning process and release the pressure with the hose. October 1, 2015
Soooooo frustrating!!! My wife bought the wide mouth and regular jar sealers. The wide mouth works great. The regular mouth is AWEFUL! We have only gotten two of the regular mouth jars to seal. It acts like it is drawing a vacuum but the lid comes off easily when removing the sealer. We have tried several brands of jars with very low success. It is not popping the lid off, the lid just isn't sealed at all. Overall, the design looks nice, it was affordable, and it's easy to maintain. However none of that matters since it doesn't work. June 14, 2012
Heads up: Accessory Hose Not Included Even though the hose that connects the jar sealer to the FoodSaver is shown on the box picture, it's not included: seems you're expected to buy an accessory for your accessory. The company did send a hose when I called to say it was missing from the box, but that meant I had to wait another week to finish my food storage project. Also, have patience when using the jar sealer. I resorted to a tip that I picked up during a food storage class, to use two metal jar lids instead of just one. Even then, not all jars sealed the first time. Another tip from the class is to heat the jar lids (as you would for water bath canning) to make sure the rubber is soft. I recommend using an oxygen absorber along with the jar sealer, especialy when using any freeze-dried meat products. March 20, 2014
Love, Love, Love IT! I was so super excited to get this because I have so many canning jars. Easy to use. Great seal. I believe this will save me loads of money sealing items in jars to keep them fresh. I had another brand of vacuum sealer before but it was awkward to use & the heat seal finally gave up, and it didn't have the jar sealing accessory. I have been vacuum sealing like a mad woman since getting the new machine & the jar sealer. I'm getting ready to order the wide mouth jar sealer as soon as possible. March 1, 2012
Regular Mouth Jar Sealer I was fortunate enough to get this accessory on sale but it's real value comes with the job it does. Unlike the wide mouth sealer this one is a little tricky to use. Half the time the jar vacuum is not pulled at all or released when gently trying to remove the sealer. After researching on the web found a trick that works every time. Put two jar lids on the jar. This pulls the vacuum every time and the extra lid comes off with the sealer device leaving the main lid in place with vacuum. Be warned, do not buy the accessory hose for use with this device. It doesn't fit. Just remove the vacuum zip lock bag tip that comes with your units external hose - if so equipped. I store ground coffee in wide mouth jars and it stays as fresh as the day you opened the vacuum sealed bag and without refrigeration. April 8, 2015
No go I was so exited to try this that I bought jars and lids before it arrived in the mail. Out of the box on the first try it worked great. I filled the jar with coffee beans and it took two tries, but worked. But...the jar lost its seal after 24 hours. I put some nuts into a jar and because I refused to give up, I tried 9 times. Yes, nine. Tried warming the lids seals, reversing the gasket, rewashing jars, holding it down, even the two kid thing. Nope not even close. I was about to pack it in and return everything really peeved. I decided to try my handheld fresh saver vac that came with my full unit. Bingo. That worked great! So I'll see if that keeps working. Maybe my full sized unit is just not getting good suction through the accessory tube. If that is the case I'm going there is a fix for that. February 22, 2015
Easy sealing I've been disappointed with some of the FoodSaver containers but this sealer works as advertised. It's easy to put on the jar and it creates a good vacuum. I performed the "Peep Test" where I put a bunch of marshmallows in the container and sucked the air out and watched the marshmallows get huge indicating a descent vacuum. It took a bit of effort to break the seal -- again, indicating a good vacuum. I also have the wide-mouth jar sealer and it works just as well. I definitely recommend this. April 19, 2015
regular mouth needs fixing I have purchased two of the regular mouth jar vac attachments and a wide mouth jar attachment. The wide mouth attachment works fine, but neither of the regular mouth attachments work. I have tried using two lids as some have suggested, but then both lids seal. Food saver needs to either fix the problem or stop selling the regular mouth size attachment. I cannot recommend this product to anyone. I would also like a refund for the purchase price as well as shipping and handling. Jo Ann July 13, 2015
Works perfect No issues with mine as others have reported. Seals first time every time. No need for dbl. lidding, punching holes, wetting the rubber, or any of the other workarounds posted here. Sealing rubber does not fall out of mine either. I use good new jars, make sure the lid rubber and jar top edge is clean and go! Before using for the first time I replaced both upper and lower gaskets in my 10 year old Food-saver machine as that was needed to restore full vacuuming operation. Very satisfied. May 10, 2014
Problems with this one We have the sealer for the wide mouth jars and have never had a single problem with it. Ordered the regular jar sealer and finally tonight got around to using it. It does not work. One jar sealed after half a dozen tries. The others we gave up on. The lid comes right off with the sealer lid. And the rubber seal has to be put back in quite frequently. Looking at the two sealers, the regular mouth sealer has a different seal configuration than the wide mouth jar sealer. Wonder if that is the problem. Guess I could try what one lady suggested - use two lids to get it to seal. Otherwise its going back for either a replacement or a refund as it does not work as it should. The wide mouth one never fails to seal the first time. I do not know if the one I have is defective or if it is a design flaw. December 12, 2012
Excellent product wiht multiple uses The Jar Sealer works just as described on regular mouth canning jars AND just about all standard product jars that you buy at the grocery store. I purchased extra Ball Jar lids and have found that they fit just about all the glass jars of name brand sauces, peanut butter in glass, etc.... I buy large volume spaghetti sauce but only use 1/3 at a time. Now there is no loss & no extra freezing containers needed. This has saved money for food loss and grocery runs. December 26, 2012
Bad Seal. Bad Design? We purchased the Wide Mouth Jar Size sealer & it works Very well! So, we purchased the Regular Jar Size sealer & could not get a lid to seal. After research, we found "workarounds:" Use 2 lids to create a better seal; warm the lids in hot water before sealing; pull the hose from the jar sealer, etc. The double lid trick does seem to work, sometimes. We noticed the blue sealing gasket in the Regular sealer does not sit in the sealer like the Wide Mouth. The Wide Mouth gasket extends slightly beyond the sealer's edge, while the Regular sits below the sealer's edge. If this is a design flaw, a replacement should be made available. I should note, this is the only FoodSaver item we've purchased that we would not recommend to anyone. One should not have to pay for an item & have to find a "workaround" to make it work. September 16, 2015
Really keeps food fresh Love the sealers, however, like quite a few other users, the wide mouth works flawlessly but the regular mouth is finicky. We have found if you take a thumb tack and poke a hole in the center of a lid and then use it with the lid that is sealing the jar, it works about 95% of the time on the first try. We keep our lid with the hole right with the sealer and have used the same lid for over a year. We use our jar lids over and over with this method with a minimum of fuss. January 6, 2013
Product needs modifications to work In order for the regular lid attachment to work I have to use a second lid with a hole punched in it to seal, and have to wiggle the hose attachment around. I think the problem may be the size of the hole where you attach the hose and the fix may be to get a second hose and attach it with silicone, but I have not tried this yet. Regular lid attachment does work and can get a seal with the modifications. Giving it two stars as you should be able to use it without any changes. December 29, 2013
Works perfect everytime with this simple trick! The trick to making this work each and every time is this: Take another flat lid and use a thumb tack to put a small hole in it. Then when you use the vacuum sealer you will use one cap without the hole, put the cap with the whole directly on top of the first one, put the vacuum lid on top of that and, voilà, it vacuum seals perfectly every time. When done, remove the cap with the whole in it to use for the next time. Works quickly and perfectly every time! Love it! February 7, 2015
Doesn't Work Right Consistently I eagerly bought both the wide mouth and the regular mouth attachments. The wide mouth works great. However, the regular mouth attachment doesn't work correctly most of the time. I tried using 2 lids like other posters suggested, and that helps, but ultimately, that costs more money in the long run because I have to use twice as many lids. Please consider a retooling so that we can be as happy with the regular mouth attachment as we are with the wide mouth attachment. Thanks! October 14, 2014
Works if you are willing to mess around a little b Concept is great. Product needs some quality conttol. First time I used it the rubber seal came off when I took sealer off jar. Every time I seal a jar, I have to make sure seal is close to being in place and may take several attempts to get a seal. October 4, 2015
Regular jar lid sealer I bought this for sealing dry goods for storage, but I must admit that I did read the reviews on this sealer and knew that this did have sealing problems. When I got it and tried it out it would not seal any lids onto the jars I tried and I used well known jars and lids. I did place a lid inside of the sealer as one other sugguested and it did work, but only when I twisted the sealed as the vacuum was being applied doing this caused the vacuum noise to change and I could tell that it was removing the air and then I would hear the ping when it had sealed the lid onto the jar. Time will tell if it holds. As for me recommending this product, I really would say that it is a yea & no response but only if the purchaser knows what they are going to experience with it. I would recommend that Food Saver Co. do some more R&D on this and fix the problem. June 27, 2015
This is a great new tool Ordered both the regular and wide mouth jar sealers and both have worked without any problems. Had read that some people are having trouble with the regular size but each and every jar sealed the first time. No do overs. I have only had it for one day but have used it for trail mix, oyster crackers, pine nuts and small amounts of shredded cheese which I buy in bulk. Even worked great on jars saved from pickled beets. Great investment! March 19, 2013
Overall a great product. This is a great product for those who like to buy things such as baking products (flour, grains, nuts, etc) in large quantities, but who aren't able to use them fast enough to avoid spoilage. It makes it possible to use canning jars for storage instead of expensive specially designed canisters. The only drawback I've found in this product is that sometimes the vacuum seal fails over time, but it is possible to reseal them . December 15, 2014
Couldn't live without my jar sealers Love my jar sealers. I ordered both at the same time. The wide mouth works fine. For some reason, the regular mouth's "gasket" (for lack of better word) keeps coming out of the attachment. It still seals my jars okay but what a pain it is. I kept anyway because of its price and the cost of shipping to return it wasn't worth it to me. I will be ordering one for my mom...hopefully the one I got was the lemon of the bunch ;-) January 14, 2014
Trick needed to make it work After reading the previous reviews of this product, I decided to order, even with the knowledge that it might be hard to get a good seal. I, indeed, found it hard to obtain a good seal using the product as directed. The reviewer who commented about using two lids, the top one having a small hole in it was SPOT ON. It works 90% of the time with the second lid. I love the product, and don't mind reusing this second lid to obtain the seal. June 2, 2014
A suggestion I have been using the large mouth jar sealer for a couple of weeks, and it works flawlessly. However the small mouth jar sealer did not work at the first attempt. I compared the two and it seems the small sealers gasket is slightly too large, however if I make sure the lid is properly centered, then hold down the jar sealer firmly it seems to make a seal with the top portion of the jar just below the neck, and makes a good vacuum seal. October 22, 2012
Didn't work Was so excited about my new foodsaver, first time user. The regular jar lid sealer does not work. Got it with my foodsaver. I am glad I didn't pay extra for this useless accessory. Tried everything everyone recommended. Also read that the wide jar sealer works better. Also had a problem with the plastic containers, which I did pay extra for. I finally got one to seal and the other one no good for now. Will try again tomorrow. I wanted to get the canisters but will not get since the other accessories are not working. Bags and rolls all work great and are very easy to use as long as you don't over stuff for the size using. Looking forward to seeing if my food stays longer and fresher. Was also excited about using mason jars which I love to use, but we will have to see if I can work out the problems. Wish me luck... Will keep you informed on progress. November 11, 2013
Finally fixed this one!! Love my foodsaver and all the special features of my new one. After many years ,several different machines I am now on my third "regular jar sealer" and finally got one that works!!! Seals every jar every time!!! It took way too long but someone finally figured out the problem and fixed it. I am a happy camper!! Now if they would only use better plastic so the canisters wouldn't crack, well that would really be "special" :) November 16, 2014
Love using this with my Bell jars. Its so so easy to use. I set the machine to seal the jar and I can continue doing other things in the kitchen while the machine does the work for me. All of my baking goods and left over fruits and tuna fish stay so fresh. It's like I just opened the can that day. I love my Blue Collectors Edition Bell Jars and this jar sealer lets me use them for things every day. Otherwise they would just collect dust on the shelf. November 11, 2013
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