FoodSaver® Quick Marinator
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  • FoodSaver® Quick Marinator
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Marinate in minutes with the FoodSaver® Quick Marinator. Quickly prepare flavorful meats, fish, vegetables and more - without hours of marinating - for delicious meals in no time.

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FoodSaver® Quick Marinator is a 2.25 quart canister that vacuum marinates meat, fish, vegetables and more in minutes and can also be used for convenient storage. Designed for use with FoodSaver® vacuum sealing systems, the Quick Marinator infuses food with flavor - in minutes instead of hours - using vacuum power to penetrate marinades deep into the food. BPA-free.

  • 2.25 quart size
  • BPA-free, stain-resistant and odor-proof
  • Dishwasher-safe

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FoodSaver® Quick Marinator 4.6 5 280 280
a great time-saver I've only used the marinator once, for a large pork chop. I always marinate pork chops to keep them from drying out. It usually takes several hours in the fridge, but I followed the instructions for the marinator and it only took about 20 minutes. The only thing I did differently was not to totally cover the chop with the marinade, as instructed - that would have been way too much marinade for one chop, and I noticed in the photograph of the product with the kebabs in it, they weren't totally covered either. In any case, the chop was tender after a much shorter marinating time. December 19, 2014
WJSO I received this with my new FoodSaver package. I am so impressed! I have used the bags for many years altho I have never used any of the canisters or containers. I am definitely hooked. This marinator works just like advertized. My first dish was a melt-in-your-mouth curry chicken from a recipe I've been using for many years. It has never been so easy or tasted this good. When not in marinating mode it works very well for food/vegetable storage. I stored the leftovers in it and warmed them up in the microwave for lunch the next day - all in the same container. May 6, 2011
Vast Improvement over previous Marinator The previous version of the marinator that is rectangular in shape had a defective design that resulted in the lid cracking at the gasket which made sealing impossible. I have two of those marinators with that problem. The current marinator, of which I have one, is a vastly improved design which is sturdy and easy to use. I note that the old marinator is still pictured on this website and appears to be included in some of the vacuum sealer packages. Beware of those packages and insist on the square marinator which is outstanding in performance. May 11, 2013
Marinator works quickly We moved and our marinator was packed in a POD. I ordered a new one because my husband marinates all the time. I knew we needed one while looking for a new home. With the marinator you don't have to wait for 4-8 hours. It only takes about 20 minutes and you are ready to cook the food. Now that we are going to have two we will be able to marinate two different meats or two different marinades. I'm really looking forward to that. If you forget to take something out for dinner you can go to the store and quickly have dinner on the table after marinating. August 18, 2015
Quick Marinator is great... The Quick Marinator is excellent and works great BUT FoodSaver needs to make a larger one. It works so well I want to marinate everything including larger cuts of meats such as a roasting chicken, pork roast, rump roast, etc. I now have 2 marinators for when I want to marinate more than a few pounds of meat. I just bought my son a second one because he loves it so much but again, it just isn't big enough to accommodate more than a few pounds or larger cuts of meat....Come on FoodSaver, you have an excellent item, make it bigger! January 13, 2014
I had great hopes… But I purchased two of the marinators and a little over $150 worth of other containers. Two of one of the other products failed after their first use by cracking on their corners by the side. They were not dropped they simply were not manufactured correctly and broke because of the vacuum. Of the two marinators, one is working fine the other one broke in three places on its base the second time I vacuum sealed it. I haven't bothered to contact food saver because I'm guessing they encounter this problem frequently and probably wouldn't replace them. The round canisters seem to be working quite well. Guess I'll stick to glass mason jars from now on. Their website requested this review. It will be interesting to see if they read it and contact me. My guess is they won't. December 19, 2014
Excellent Upgrade! I have had a marinator for years. Love it. I got this new one with my order with the intention of giving it as a gift. HA!! I'm keeping it! The gasket redesign is fantastic! The gasket on my original is sunken into the cover. Cleaning it can be quite a challenge! This new one has a gasket that protrudes out beyond the channel it sits in. Brilliant!! Such a huge improvement! I hope my friend enjoys my old hand-me-down marinator because that is all they are getting! :) (The cool thing is, I know that they WILL love it!) September 14, 2014
Great product We have only had the marinator a short time, but it is a great product! It does just what it says it does. The meat we marinated had a good flavor throughout and it only took minutes, not hours! This is a great size, and turned out to be quite a bit larger than I was expecting. Until we received the product, I was concerned that it wouldn't be large enough for dinner for a family of 4. I was pleasantly surprised that we were able to marinate all of the meat in one session. I would definitely recommend this product! April 27, 2015
Cracks for no apparent reason I love Foodsaver and use the marinator alot because of the large storage size. The first one I bought along time ago (old body style with the gasket/ball thing) and it stopped working. I had it a long time so I was ok with that and proceeded to buy 2 of this newer style a few months ago. 1 of the 2 has already cracked for no apparent reason. I don't have a dishwasher so that's not the problem. I read alot of other reviews on another website about random cracking, but I ignored them. I love Foodsaver products except for this marinator. I'd be okay if it broke every few years, but every few months is not acceptable. Regardless, I'm going to order another one anyway and see what happens, still hoping it was a fluke. If either one cracks soon then I'm done with the marinator. March 25, 2012
Happy griller As an avid barbecue lover I generally marinated my foods around 24 hours prior to grilling. When I saw the ad for a marinator that works in minutes I couldn't believe it. The first time it was used I was told that my chicken was the best home grilled chicken anyone in my family had ever had. The fact that not one person in my family knew I did anything different than I normally do fully sold me on the marinator. Now there are only two items needed for a great barbecue, fresh meat and my food saver marinator. March 4, 2014
I love these! I have had 2 of these for these for years and years.My first FoodSaver was bought when they first came onto the market way back in the 1980's.If you find that it won't seal anymore it is because you have lost the little seal piece that goes under the knob(it is a small 1/4" seal ring).Watch when washing that you don't lose it by taking the knob off in the water remove it and take that out before washing then put it back when done.I give this 10000% rating on marinading meat.This thing could tenderize leather! March 3, 2012
IT WORKS! I've used this product several times to prepare steak prior to grilling and prior to freezing. I don't like a lot of salt on meat but I do like to marinate with other seasonings. This method of marinating really works well when. The seasoning penetrates into the meat and even if you then put the item into a freezer bag and vacuum seal it to cook at a later date the seasoning is there when the meat is prepared either on the grill or in a pot. I only wish there was a slightly larger bowl available. September 13, 2012
Nice Product I found this marinator useful for overnight marinating, have not tried those quick 15 to 20 minutes marinades, although I am sure they work as advertized. It is a sturdy, good quality build and very simple to use. Silicone gasket makes a very tight vacuum seal. Even though it is a decent size, it would have been nice if it came in even larger sizes (marinating more meat at once). It is a bit pricey, and that is the only reason why it gets 4 stars. Would recommend to all veteran grill masters, cheers! July 5, 2015
I was very pleased with the results. My very first attempt at marinating and your marinator made it seem like childs play. I made shish kabobs using peppers,chicken,shrimp, and scalops. I got the idea from the paper work that came with your marinator. After mixing up the marinate, I put everything in the marinator, vacuumed and set it in the frig for 20 mins. I then cooked it in the oven at 450 for about 25 mins. or until the veggtables were tender. Everyone there thought it was the best shish kabob they have ever tried. January 7, 2015
We simply LOVE what it does to our meats! Talk about an item worth every penny! If you like to marinate meats, veges...then you'll love the "MARINATER". It takes your food to a new level of enjoyment! I cook chicken breasts only on my George Forman and now I will never cook chicken breasts without first marinating with the "MARINATER". It is very easy to use with any concoction and any meat. Now I'm eyeballing my summer spear-rib recipes...but I need Foodsaver to make me an extra large "MARINATER"!!! February 1, 2012
good product saves time I purchased this item and when it arrived, i used it the very next day. I was disappointed when after running it through the cycle, and turning the knob to close, it still leaked air and lost the vacuum. Up side is I called the Foodsaver customer service number and explained what the issue was. They asked me a few questions then informed me they were going to send me out a replacement. No hassle. That's customer service!!!! I received the new one and it works perfectly!!! February 25, 2014
Needs better instructions with it I do like it, but I had to call customer service to find out how to use it. Mine didn't come with instructions. I watched a youtube video. After I told them that they emailed me instructions. The CS people are very nice. I have no problems with them. I didn't realize that you have to turn it clockwise. After they said it I did see the arrow. I wish they would write better instructions so you know which modes are for V3 and which are for open. Now it works great. June 5, 2014
results are amazing I used it for the first time and after carefully reading the instructions I marinated a rib eye steak for practice. The steak turned out incredibly tender, juicy and oh so delicious. This was a bargain meat purchase so I was not expecting such a grand result. I decided to leave it in the fridge after marinating because I got called out so the storage is a rave ability. Love my purchase, and definitely recommend it to anyone considering purchase. January 1, 2015
Most Used Container! I've had this marinator for at least 5+ fact, mine is old enough that it's a smokey color rather than the clear one that is now offered. As a marinator, it is fabulous because it accomplishes more in just a few hours than 24 hours in a regular dish in the refrigerator would do. It is not only quicker if necessary, I think it marinates more intensely and thoroughly as well. I use it strictly for marinating purposes. The directions for how to use it are admittedly hard to find, but once you know the process, it's actually quite easy. I take good care of this container and lid, and I always hand wash and dry it carefully before storing it, so it still looks and works like new so I can say mine has held up perfectly, which I'm happy about given the cost of it. I use this container far far more than any of the canisters I also bought. April 2, 2013
This is a "must-have"! I've had one of these for years! I make a marinated quinoa salad that contains red, orange, yellow and green peppers, red onion, scallions, cucumber, and zucchini, all quarter-inch diced. After preparing the veggies, I put them into the marinator, add a nice vinaigrette, and put it in the fridge for a few hours, flipping it every hour or so. I love the fact that the seal is water-tight and the vacuum process forces the marinade into the food so efficiently. I have also used the marinator to marinate chicken breasts and other meats. It's particularly useful if you need to marinate something and you don't have a lot of time; the vacuum process forces the marinade into the food. The square shape is perfect for the fridge and the heavy-duty plastic is excellent (yes, I've dropped it). This is a great addition to anyone's FoodSaver arsenal. October 30, 2012
Does what it says. If you like to marinade food, this is the tool for you. It only takes 20 to 30 minutes to marinade chicken and other meat. But, if you let it marinade for a day or more, you’ll have the best marinated meat and chicken you ever tasted. The flavor filled food is incredible. Seems durable, but directions say not to submerge the cover, good luck with that while trying to clean it. I just wash it and let it dry completely before use. Works fine! April 13, 2014
What a surprise! I got this marinator with my unit and really wasn't planning on using it much. So I marinated some rib eye steaks in soy sauce and mustard and the results were out of this world! Yes the flavor was amazing and went evenly throughout the was the first time ever I didn't use A-1 with my steak. What surprised me was the tenderness of the meat...melt in your mouth! Now this accessory is a regular in my meal planning. April 15, 2012
Fast easy and wonderful. I decided to get a foodsaver to help with harvesting an over abundance from our garden. When I saw the marinator, I decided to order it and give it a try. I never tasted meats so well marinated. It was wonderful. Put the meat and marinade in the canister stick on the connector and push a button. Walk away and get the rest of the meal started. 12 minutes later the meat is ready to cook. Fast easy and wonderful. Thank you. December 26, 2014
AWESOME Product! These containers work phenomenally!!! If you have a family of 5 or more I would recommended purchasing two! I have used these containers almost everyday since getting them. You will be very pleased with the results! My family definitely noticed the difference. I didn't tell them I was using these marinade containers, but they asked me if I used a new recipe!!! LOL They think I am a professional chef now! LOL July 28, 2015
My husband loves it We just recently bought the marinator because my husband likes to make his own jerky. Instead of putting the meat into a normal Pyrex and leaving it overnight this marinator made the jerky meat soak up the juices within 20 mins. The jerky that came out of the marinated batch with the marinator didn't last long at all. I highly recommend the marinator. We've used ours dozens of times already and love it. February 11, 2014
Great quick & easy marinator If time is limited this product is great. Gives overnight taste in just 30 minutes. Flavor is infused throughout your meat just as if you had marinated it for several hours but it only took 30 minutes. You can use it for longer marinating time as well. Your meat will be juicy and flavorful no matter which method you choose. Well worth the cost. Excellent accesssory to your FoodSaver appliance. October 11, 2015
Quick Marinator Wow I love this Quick Marinator though I wish they have them in bigger sizes for large families like mine! Over all it works great. I tried it twice so far and the result was amazing in 15 minutes. Normally I marinade steak overnight in the fridge. Imagine how much time this could save you! Unexpected guest for dinner, no problem. Within minutes the stake is on the grill and ready to be served! October 14, 2015
other options cheaper I find this unit bulky and of fixed size. I prefer Ziploc's Vacuum seal bags as a more cost effective, re-usable (wash them) alternative to vacuum marinating food. Have not tried Foodsaver's vacuum seal bags as they seem to be quite pricey. May be good for vacuum marinating very delicate foods although other appropriately sized vacuum containers will probably work just as well for less cost. Mo February 10, 2012
So great I bought a second I love this. I found that when I would be marinating something, there was always something else I could marinate also (steak and shrimp) so I bought a second one. This is the best thing in my kitchen. I know it does the job in a short amount of time, but it does great to prep a day ahead and put in the fridge. I like to you a vinegar base marinade at times to help tenderize meats and this does fantastic!!! August 4, 2015
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