FoodSaver® 3 Piece Round Canister Set

FoodSaver® 3 Piece Round Canister Set




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The FoodSaver® 3 Piece Round Canister Set keeps foods fresh longer in the refrigerator and pantry. Ideal for baked items, leftovers and dry goods. See More...


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FoodSaver® 3 Piece Round Canister Set includes .75 quart, 1.5 quart and 2.5 quart vacuum storage canisters that work with FoodSaver® systems to keep food fresh. Buy in bulk and save, then seal in the freshness. FoodSaver® Storage Canisters create airtight storage for pantry or refrigerator use. Canisters are perfect for storing prepared meals, snacks, baked goods and so much more. BPA-free.

  • Includes 1 each .75, 1.5 and 2.5 quart-size canisters
  • BPA-free, stain-resistant and odor-proof
  • Dishwasher-safe

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FoodSaver® 3 Piece Round Canister Set 4 5 269 269
Nice idea does not work Have bought 2 sets of canisters after getting original set with Foodsaver kit. Original set worked fairly well, but the newer sets do not work at all. Have tried them with dry and wet products. They only hold a vacuum for a few minutes. The canisters don't keep the vacuum. The original ones did not have the sharp edges. Foodsaver no longer offers the flat top can sealers. They worked perfectly. Don't buy the canisters April 23, 2013
Love this product! I use Mason Jars and use the handheld sealer lids, but it's also nice to have these canisters for larger quantities of food, like sugar and flour. I would love to be able to buy these individually, as I'm interested in storing spices in the smaller canisters. These are extremely easy to use and really do keep your food fresh. I especially like the quick release button on the lid. It makes opening the canister very simple. May 3, 2015
This could be a great product! I have used foodsavers for many years and was thrilled when the canisters appeared. However, I have had the cracking situation also. Foodsaver has been great about replacing the canister set - mine has been replaced 3 times after only a maximum of 1 month usage - but it is surely is not convenient. My suggestion would be to use a material like the sandwich containers which I have had for years with abolutely no problems. February 24, 2012
It cracks, but can be repaired I have tried to post reviews, in the past, on how to fix these canisters, but have been blocked, because the sealant that I recommended was not considered food safe. But, I found a sealant that IS rated as food safe. It is an all-purpose sealant made of 100% silicone, made by DAP, and it states, right on the label, that it is "safe for food contact". If you put a thin layer, on the OUTSIDE of the canister, across the bottom, inside of that circular ridge, it will either prevent the crack from forming, or stop the leaks, if yours is already cracked. It really works! You can probably put the canisters in the dishwasher, although I haven't tried this, yet. It costs only a few dollars. You can buy it at you local DIY store, such as The Home Depot. It doesn't have to be from DAP but, MAKE SURE THAT IT SAYS 100% SILICONE & SAFE FOR FOOD CONTACT! October 27, 2014
Don't know what I'd do without them! I have been using Food Saver products since they first came out. I love the canisters. I use the big one for keeping snacking chips in because I don't eat them all at one time and they are as fresh as the day I bought them. I bake a lot and keep pecans in the middle size container. I can keep coffee beans good until I need them just vacuum the remainder in a canister or Food Saver bag. I am a very happy customer. March 4, 2013
Poor product I have bought 3 set of these - I've thrown 2 canisters away because they wouldn't seal. The remaining canisters no longer hold the seal but for a few minutes. I wouldn't buy these again or suggest them to anyone. There should be some kind of compensation for these. I live on a fixed income I have food saver because I live alone and thought it would save me money. Even some of the bags don't always hold a seal and they're not cheap January 9, 2013
The large canister is not durable I was surprised to learn many other users had crack issues with the large canisters. The bottom of mine cracked and would not hold vacuum. I was able to extend the life using some glue but eventually the crack propagated and I had to throw it out. The small canisters are still working so I'm happy with those. I would interested to know if FS has improved the product to prevent cracking. April 5, 2012
Great Idea - Bad Product I loved the 8 canisters I purchased. I mostly use them for storage of expensive fresh coffee beans. Over the next 2-3 months 6 of the 8 canisters failed to keep the vacuum seal. Hairline stress cracks develop in the canister bottoms even though the canisters never leave the counter top. Please find a stronger material and you will have an awesome product. I love the idea. December 14, 2011
Cracking? I came online to purchase more canisters. After reading the reviews and talking to my son, all his have cracked, I have decided not to purchase more. Mine are still working and I now wonder if the quality has gone down. Am surprised FoodSaver has not addressed the issue and, if they don't plan to, why they continue to sell something that reflects badly on their products. May 24, 2012
canister cracking can be fixed The canisters work very well and hold the vacuum for many days. Often, with age, a tiny crack appears in the bottom. And then it will not hold a vacuum anymore. However, a dab of Gorrilla glue over the crack will fix it for a while. My repairs haven't failed yet. Gorrilla glue may be toxic with cyanide or something, so use it only on the outside. It'll be bumpy, but at least workable. December 29, 2014
Quality and Versitility I hate opening my coffee from Hawaii and tea from England and have it spoil before I can get half way through. With these containers I can keep every as fresh as the day I opened the package. No Haste - No Waste - Always great Taste. And because the containers are crystal clear, I never have to guess what is in the container. I am so happy to have these containers. May 29, 2014
love these I love these, but i really think you need to make a canister that would hold a full 5 lb. bag of flour, sugar etc. and maybe even another larger size that would hold the huge bulk cereals that families tend to buy if they have several children. i need freshness, i only watch my grandsons on weekends so when i buy cereal it goes untouched till next time they come, can't afford for it to spoil. January 4, 2013
Too easy to spill It would be nice if the lids were secure enough without the vacuum seal to safely stay on. Since you can't tell if it's vacuumed sealed or not, if you lift it by the lid, the canister may drop spilling all the contents. If the lids were secure without the vacuum then I would use it. With a family, complicated, persnickety containers are not useful. They are also prone to cracking. September 20, 2015
Good but I wish..... I haven't had these long enough to comment on freshness. I wish I could buy the sizes individually. I live alone and have little use for the bigger ones. But would love to have a half dozen of the small size. And it would be nice if they were square! I also purchased the deli-containers but they don't seem to hold the seal and just don't seem right for storing raisins, nuts, etc. January 7, 2014
So great, I order two more... Love the canisters. Love to cook, love to save by buying in bulk. Love to have fresh items on hand. I now have three [3] sets and am probably going to buy more. I'm preserving every thing from various varieties of dried beans to mixes of dog treats. I gave the canister only 4 bars simply because I'm still storing food and have no long term experience. June 23, 2014
Great Product These canisters work great and keep many items last longer. I have used the canisters for sugar, rice, coffee with dry goods and they have stayed very frest. I also used them for freezing a homemade pasta sauce which is much better making in a large batch. I was then able to freeze the remainder with no worry of freezer burn and going bad. April 8, 2014
Containers are terribly fragile When the canisters work, they are fine. However, my experience has been that some crack after a few uses, and some crach ON THE VERY FIRST USE EVEN WHEN ONLY A PARTIAL VACUUM IS PULLED. That means you end up buying many more than you need and throwing part of your purchases away with no benefit. Good looking, but a very poor design. March 12, 2013
Absolutely love the canisters!!! In my house we always have peanuts, pretzels, pistachios, and we try to leave them in their original bags which means we would throw half of them away. The canister set works great for sealing in and keeping products like these fresh to the very last one. I will be buying more for myself as I come up with more product I can seal and help keep fresh longer. January 14, 2015
storage containers I really like the idea of storing food in my storage containers i just wished they made them bigger for when i buy in bulk. love the idea i can keep cheese fresh alot longer and not crush it .easy to clean in dishwasher top shelf. love them so much this is my second set. really enjoy them and look forward to new products.. thanks November 24, 2013
Food Saver I totally ADORE this thing! Seriously everyone that comes over has to be put through a demo cause I LOVE IT! Two of my friend scurried off to Costco to purchase one the next day! Can't believe how easy it is, and how much food it has saved. The avocado experiment blew my mind. 4 days later and as green as when we cut it open? Really????? WOWOWOWO!!! November 26, 2014
Good product-need size options I have had three food savers and have used the canisters since the first one. I've never had a problem with cracking or losing pressure as indicated in other reviews. I keep baking goods such as powdered sugar, brown sugar, etc, in mine and all keep fresh as new. My only real issue with the canisters is that I can't purchase one or two of the size I want. I don't want a set of three in the sizes offered. I might want two of the mid-size and three of the larger. Since I bake alot, I'd love to have the option to get a larger size for flour or sugar without being forced to get the small and mid-size. It isn't a value if you have to spend more to get what you want while getting items you don't. Someone else mentioned a top that could be stackable - bravo - great suggestion. I keep mine in the pantry and they are very limiting. I would suggest these as a purchase item for anyone who is looking for containers of various sizes. January 14, 2012
Huge disappointment I purchased two sets of the canisters. Like other reviews, the bottoms of the larger canisters have cracked. I followed directions correctly. They are useless. Please FoodSaver, do something about the problem or quit selling them. If FoodSaver fixes this problem, FoodSaver should replace canisters that have cracked at no charge. February 25, 2012
Adore these I not only purchased a set for myself I was so pleased with this product I purchased two sets for my brother THEN two more sets for myself. I had purchased my vacuum seal system for myself and loved it so much I purchased one for my brother who had a much older version. I use these canisters for everything I can. Brown sugar, bread crumbs, raisins, everything and anything I have in my cabinets that I want to keep fresh. The different size canisters are fantastic. I can't tell you how pleased I am using these. They are made well, easy to use. I have the latest vacuum system which comes with the vacuum hose attached so all I do is fill the canister, put the lid on it, press it down tightly, attach the hose to the open hole at top of canister, press the Accessory button, it takes 3 seconds and the canister is vacuum sealed. The three sizes of canisters makes it nice for storing different sizes items. Well worth the investment. You won't be sorry if you purchase these. July 30, 2014
flat tops for stacking Although I love the canisters, they need to flat tops so you can stack them. Having the dome top with the button release makes that impossible and them they take up too much counter space. I now use mostly large canning jars as I can stack those and label them as well. Luckily I haven't had the cracked bottom issue - yet. October 30, 2014
Wonderful canisters I received this canister set years ago as a gift. I have been using them ever since. They still look new and work like a charm. I love the clean white tops and the fact that they are clear and you can see what is stored inside. I would love to see the company come up with tall narrow square containers which would store better in the pantry. September 3, 2011
Bottom of canisters crack prventing a vacuum seal I have been using the food saver appliance for years and this is the first time I have had any problems. I recently purchased the 3 piece round canisters. I stored potato chips in one of them and the next time I went to get the chips the top wasn't sealed. I tried to reseal it but I couldn't. I went to wash them and noticed the bottom had cracked. December 1, 2014
Don't know why mine are different...they're great! I have had these containers for several months and use them on a daily basis. Is there a magic time when the cracking begins? They go in refrigerator or on the counter for dry goods. They are hand-washed. As I said, the canisters are opened and resealed on a daily basis. Food stays fresh for a long time. April 12, 2013
Product cracks at bottom I have used Foodsaver and their products for over 18 years. For every set of these cannisters, the 2.5 quart continually cracks on the bottom, sometimes after only one use. I have wasted a lot of money on these defective cannisters. You need to fix this problem. Please get back to me so I can buy them when the problem is fixed. November 28, 2011
3 piece canister sets. I do like the canister set, but I wish that you could get the big one or bigger ones separately. I have so many small ones, just to get the largest one. I store all my dry goods in them, and I need bigger ones to save space in my pantry. My small ones work well but for sugar and flour and items like that I like the bigger ones. March 22, 2014
Seal failed I use the large canister to store my freshly ground coffee. Worked well for a year or so but now the seal no longer seals. I have cleaned it really well so that is not the issue. A bit disapointed. The two smaller canisters still work well though. Maybe I will simply have to grind less at a time. January 28, 2012
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