FoodSaver® 3 Piece Round Canister Set

FoodSaver® 3 Piece Round Canister Set




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The FoodSaver® 3 Piece Round Canister Set keeps foods fresh longer in the refrigerator and pantry. Ideal for baked items, leftovers and dry goods. See More...

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FoodSaver® 3 Piece Round Canister Set includes .75 quart, 1.5 quart and 2.5 quart vacuum storage canisters that work with FoodSaver® systems to keep food fresh. Buy in bulk and save, then seal in the freshness. FoodSaver® Storage Canisters create airtight storage for pantry or refrigerator use. Canisters are perfect for storing prepared meals, snacks, baked goods and so much more. BPA-free.

  • Includes 1 each .75, 1.5 and 2.5 quart-size canisters
  • BPA-free, stain-resistant and odor-proof
  • Dishwasher-safe

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FoodSaver® 3 Piece Round Canister Set 4.2 5 352 352
This product is terrific Been reading the negative reviews on the storage canister . I rated these storage canisters as EXCELLENT only because I have 4 sets purchased 10+ years ago. NEVER HAD A PROBLEM OR REPLACED any canister especially the 2.5 gallon. NO CANISTER EVER CRACKED ON ME.. Having these canisters for so many years & being a Foodsaver customer for over 25 years it appears, in todays world, quality has taken a back seat. If its not broken don't fix it! Apparently Foodsaver thinks otherwise. You can't improve on something that doesn't need improvement. I still rate my canisters as excellent & I used them daily. July 1, 2013
Cracked out I bought these knowing they were risky. There are a ton of reviews online about these cracking. I figured I'd handle them with kid gloves and see what happened. -I only hand washed them. -I never refrigerated or froze them. -I would only run one cycle. -They were never dropped. The large and medium size canister both cracked on the bottom. The cracks are so bad that the canisters will actually slightly seal to my counter top. As others have mentioned, it's hard to understand why they don't immediately discontinue and improve this product. I've been satisfied with other Foodsaver products though. December 16, 2013
Works great for me I was hesitant to buy these canisters after reading the prior reviews, but I am sooo happy I got these. I put my berries in these, and my spinach, and it keeps them fresh for much longer. I may be imagining this, but the strawberries seem to be sweeter after being in the vacuum packed container. As soon as get the berries home, they go straight to canisters. I have used these for only a couple of months, but no cracking or problems. Honestly, posting a review on this site is a pain in the butt; I am only doing it so others aren't put off by people saying their canisters cracked. So I must really want to convey this message if I am willing to tolerate all the hoops they have you jump through to post a review. March 22, 2013
Avocados I'm constantly throwing out avocados that go bad before I can put them to good use. When I received these food saver containers as a gift, at first I wasn't sure how to use them ... Just as an experiment (and thought I had nothing to lose since I toss out avocados all the time anyway) I cut open an avacdo and places the open pieces directly into the jar and ran the foodsaver to seal it up tight. I left them in the container, in the fridge, for two days. Normally, if I were to put an open avocado in a container in the fridge, it would be brown and nasty. To my delight and surprise, when I opened the jar, two days later, both halves were fresh as can be! Two thumbs up for freshness and they tasted great too! November 6, 2015
Canisters do not hold the seal. I have several of the canisters which I have had for some time. With that said, I've had some that cracked and were replaced. With the latest one, I was told it is no longer available. Now the one that I used for coffee is no longer holding the seal. I though maybe it was the lid, so I tried a different lid, same issue. The original lid held perfectly on another canister. I would love to have more of these, however, I am hesitant to purchase with all of the negative comments about cracking and failure to hold the seal. What is Food Saver doing to fix the problem? March 10, 2014
Great storage capacity. I have several of my original canisters from 15 years ago that still look like new and work great. I can keep lettuce fresh for 2 weeks and it is just like I bought it. The three different sizes are good for different items. The small canister is a great size for my fresh mozzarella cheese- it keeps it fresh and moist for a month or longer. The medium size keeps my fresh ground coffee fresh without the staleness I have experienced with other containers. Overall if you have a food saver you need several sets of these canisters. I now have 4 sets and they are all used. June 11, 2015
Your food saver canisters are the best! We went from a family of 6 down to me and my husband so I food save everything from leftovers , crackers, desserts, etc. I had a big Christmas dinner at my house and I made a lot of things ahead of time and put things in the food canisters and everyone thought I had just made them. I would recommend all of your products to all my friends and family. They are simple to use and do save a lot of money ! I never throw anything out anymore! We just finished Christmas leftovers today, 3 weeks after Christmas and everything tasted just as fresh as if I just made it!! January 8, 2015
The canister set is my favorite I love the canisters for leftovers. I cooked a meatloaf up, ate some, put the leftovers in the large canister. Went back a few days later and sliced up some for a sandwich. It was as fresh as the day i cooked it. I'd say it's been two weeks and I had some last night with mashed potatoes and a vegetable ! Usually I end up throwing out some because it goes bad on me.....not any more :) I made too much mashed potatoes so I put the remaining in a canister also. I got the Food Saver because I'm tired of tossing out leftovers. So far so good, I Love It ! November 21, 2015
cracking bottoms of cannisters I have 7 cannisters now. I dropped one in the beginning and it split in half so I've always treated them as fragile equipment. When the first one cracked (after 6 months) I tossed it. When the second and third cracked (after 1 year) I turned them upside down and covered the crack with super glue and let it dry for 48 hours. That sealed the cannister and it's worked for 2 years now. Haven't had another crack and have no idea what caused those two to crack. My household runs on my vacuum sealer, bags and cannisters. I can't imagine life without it! August 9, 2013
Bottom will crack quickly I have owned a food saver for over 8 years. I have replaced the main unit 3 times and each time they were improved and much better. I received 6 different size canisters on with my first purchased and they worked well and over the years cracked at the bottom. I was OK with that knowing that I got my moneys worth out of them. 2 weeks ago I ordered another set of canisters even after reading the bad reviews on them. I have used the middle size canister 3 times and it now has a crack along the bottom of the canister and will not seal. I hand washed it after each use, no dishwasher. I am not going to send it back because I don't want to spend the time or money shipping it back to them. They are very thin and cheaply made. Do not buy any canisters!!!!! February 23, 2014
Definately serves its purpose. These are smaller canisters, but work extremely well for things like corn meal, baking powder, bread crumbs, etc. I need to order a couple more sets for my beverages (coffee, tea & hot chocolate) and for my baking additions (chocolate chips, walnuts, coconut). I would recommend these canisters for Kitchen, Bath (Bath salts, Borax to soften water, Epsom Salt), Laundry, anywhere that you need to keep dry stuff from getting too moist or that you want to display something. I plan to make a small Christmas display with them. November 2, 2014
Great item but needs some improvements I like the canisters but be aware......when you pick them up don't pick them up by the lid. If you don't have a real good seal and/or the weight inside the container has some substantial weight the lid might come off. When it crashes to the floor or counter top it will surely break. I have learned to pick them up by placing my hand or both hands around the container. If you place hot items in the container let them cool before sealing the lid and placing into a cold frig. This seems to prevent cracking and improves sealing. January 30, 2016
Great Cannister When It Holds Vacuum I must have had at least 2 dozen cannisters over the past few years I have had problems with the lids no longer holding a vacuum. When they work properly, these are extremely useful for keeping a wide variety of cookies, cereals, pasta, nuts, rice, lentils, home-dried fruit, etc. fresh for long periods of time. Quaility control on the cannisters and lids the past few years.has not been up to previous versions. Still, I'm buying more of these to replace the ones that have lost their ability to hold a vacuum and to add a few more! January 4, 2013
Cracks I have purchased a few sets of these canisters and have had a few replaced by Foodsaver and to have all of them crack on the bottom and then when that happens it cannot keep a seal. I thought maybe it was my machine causing the problems with cracking them because of too much pressure or something but I see other people here having the same problem. This is a good idea but your going to have to make them with a sturdy bottom to stand the pressure. I wonder if the older products with the turn knob on top had these problems? December 2, 2011
Quality issues hold back a good product Isn't it interesting that product quality isn't one of the criteria given to rate this product. It's glaring in its absence. I use the bags often to freeze food - no problems. Jar cracked on bottom & leaked. I fixed it with clear silicon gap sealer. Now new cracks propagating on bottom. Will use same method to fix if it leaks again. Clearly a manufacturing flaw that hasn't been adequately addressed and is affecting reputation. Company should just bite the bullet, fix the problem and offer free replacement of cracked jars. January 26, 2014
Products are not the quality the used to be I had an original Food Saver from when it was owned by the original manufacturer. It was wonderful, lasted for 20 years, never a problem with the bags. It finally gave out and I ran out of the cases of bags I purchased. I have gone through 1 machine every year or 2 since, the bags are awful, the canisters crack after 1-2 weeks of use. I have started using Quart and 1/2 gallon mason jars instead of the canisters with much better success. If another company comes up with. Machine comparable, I will be their first customer. June 21, 2014
The free containers With my last purchase at Food I had a coupon for a free set of containers. After reading the reviews I thought, well at least they are free. When they got here, they were hand washed (did not break like some were complaining about), I put powder sugar in one, my tea bags in one, and the other we have now used for home made baked goodies. So far all three containers have performed better than I had thought that they would. My only wish is that they were bigger. I do plan on purchasing another set in the near future. We also purchased the deli containers, LOVE THEM! I was able to keep my deli turkey meat until I actually used all of it up. Normally we would have to toss out a few slices because they would get slimy. Thank you Food Saver for wonderful products! November 9, 2015
You can use them for everything! I love the round canisters and use them to keep food fresh in the pantry, refrigerator, or just out on the counter top. Bread, chips, cookies, cereal, leftovers, and even brown sugar stays fresh for what seems forever in these canisters. My advice however is not to put them in the dishwasher because they have a tendency to crack and then not seal. Small inconvenience to hand wash for the money and food saved by using them. I love them so much I always have them on my "Christmas list" because you can never have enough! December 30, 2013
Excellent for freezer I usually purchase shelled pecan pieces before Thanksgiving. I have been using the canister I had to store the pecans for use during the year. Works like a dream. Pecans are fresh and never freezer burned. So, this year I doubles my purchase and ordered 2 canister sets, because I ran out of pecans last year and had to buy them in the store, really expensive. The canisters stand up in by bottom drawer of the freezer. I can now cook all kinds of treats, especially pecan pie, for my friends and family the whole year. January 19, 2015
Waste of money. Only works a few times. I thought this was such a great idea and it perfectly filled a need to save dry goods and keep them fresh, so I purchased a cabinet full of them. (as well as the serving containers that have the same problem). The lids sealed perfectly for the first few uses, but then would lose their seal over a short time and now will not seal at all. This has been an issue with this product for many years, I don't understand why FoodSaver doesn't either solve the problem or discontinue the items that have this issue. December 1, 2013
Canisters All my smaller canister are OK, my favorite one is a real small one, I put my sour cream container in it and seal it, no mold or anything else goes wrong with it, same when I store brown sugar, it stays very nice, never hardens. I bought the new sealer and like it a lot, I don't have to hold it down anymore. I seal a lot of meat, that I freeze. They make the best bags out there. One suggestion, the large canisters crack on the bottom, and you can't seal them. Figure out why this happens. November 24, 2011
Most Awesome Canisters ever! I'd been looking for a good canister to keep my brown sugar fresh, so while shopping FoodSaver after finally getting my first Sealer for Christmas '15, I found these awesome canisters and it was a no brainier! I absolutely love them! Of course the brown sugar was first into the middle size, raw nuts in the small and I use the large for everything from crackers to marshmallows. The ease of use, as with all the FoodSaver products is great. Thanks FoodSaver for the Most Awesome Canisters ever! February 1, 2016
Product works great, I've used my FoodSaver for over 8 years and had one set of canisters for that same amount of time. Liked them so much I bought a second set. I've never had any problem with them cracking. There have been a few times the vacuum didn't hold, but when that happened I removed the rubber gasket from the lid along with the grey button that releases the vacuum and washed the seals along with the lid really well, let them dry, then put it all back together. Could be just the smallest particle of something can get in the seal and cause a problem with it holding the vacuum. Once cleaned those particles are removed and it will hold like new. May not be able to see anything on the seal, but it can be there, whether sugar crystal, coffee grind, dust, etc. Use to store sugar, flour, coffee, and loose tea. January 6, 2013
These are not the big old smoked amber canisters ! I'm so glad I collected a whole bunch of the 3, 4, 6 Quart smoked amber canisters for packing away grains, lots of sauces, bags of flour, etc. Why did you stop making them? I have been using mine multiple times per week for 15+ years, and NEVER have a problem with any of them.. Next best suggestion is to get the Ball 1 or 2 Quart widemouth jars and the foodsaver adapter. Easy to open and reseal; freeze or frig storing. The bags just don't work for things you want kept upright in a container. August 25, 2012
Easy fix I know you would like the canisters to hold a vac, but when they crack and you still need to use them, try placing a strip of clear postal packaging tape (the heavy duty type) on the crack and extending past the end of the crack. Your canisters should hold their vacuum and the tape will hold up to several hand washings before it will need to be replaced. Let's hope the company finds a solution to the cracking problem. Maybe reinforcing ribs on the bottom of the canisters would work? January 4, 2013
I agree with the others great idea/bad product I too have purchased the canisters and have had all of them crack, even the older ones with the knob on the top! These are too expensive to have replace every few months. I was hoping they had improved and was thinking of trying them again but after reading the reviews that won't be happening. I really wanted to keep my lettuce in one to extend the life but I can throw out a lot of lettuce for the cost of replacing these canisters! I have to say my Food Saver bags, can't live without them!! June 14, 2013
Canisters - Perfect Foodsaver Accessory! I've been using a Foodsaver for over 10 years. I have just recently started using canisters and universal lids. What have I been missing?! These things work GREAT! I can put tomatoes, broccoli, etc in them and the veggies stay fresh for weeks! I used to throw alot of veggies away because they would go bad - even in regular snap seal containers.. The canisters have eliminated alot of the wasted food, saving me a ton of time & money! Anybody using a Foodsaver should have a couple canisters! January 21, 2016
3 Piece Round Canister Set I purchased these with my initial order. I wish I had waited because I received a coupon which I could have received these for free. My bad for being in a hurry. I do like them but as an alternative, I also purchased the wide mouth jar sealer which the jars are cheaper and should last a little longer. Saw reviews that the canisters break after time due to all of the vacuum sealing. I can understand that because they are plastic. However, I do like them and see how long they last. March 5, 2014
I love the machine I'm on my 3rd. one Only the last one I sent back it didn't work and appeared to be cheaper made than my previous ones. but the bags are great and save me money when I shop. I've sent for the jar sealers I use them all the time in my freezer so I'm thinking the sealer will make things better, without the sealer I have been able to freeze things for short time of more than 6 months without any freezer burn i'm really looking forward to seeing how far I can go with proper air removal and sealing. August 28, 2014
Poorly Constructed This product started out like firecrackers, I just loved it but here it is not even 2 months later and I'm ready to toss them in the trash. The large container won't hold a seal for more than a couple of hours. The medium will hold for maybe 48 hours and the small is OK as far as I can tell but then again It hasn't seen much use. This is a very poorly constructed product if I had the box it came in I would drive it back to you myself just to get my money back. December 30, 2012
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