FoodSaver® 2-Pack Deli Containers

FoodSaver® 2-Pack Deli Containers




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FoodSaver® 2-Pack Deli Containers are great for keeping deli meats, cheeses and other refrigerated foods fresh longer. For use with FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealing Systemsand FoodSaver® FreshSaver® Handheld Vacuum Sealer.

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FoodSaver® 2-Pack Deli Containers are great for keeping deli meats, cheeses and other refrigerated foods fresh longer. Vacuum sealing locks out air and seals freshness in, preserving the taste and nutritional value of stored foods. They can hold up to 1 lb of deli meats and fits neatly in the refrigerator deli drawer. BPA-free.

  • Containers hold up to 1 lb of deli meats
  • BPA-free, stain-resistant and odor-proof
  • Works with FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealing Appliances
  • Dishwasher and microwave-safe

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FoodSaver® 2-Pack Deli Containers 4.1 5 214 214
FoodSaver Deli Containers Oh my After I got my paycheck I went out and bought the Food Saver and orders this product on Black Friday Sale during the holidays of 2014 bringing the New Years of "2015" I love useing this product after you Vac-seal on this it gives it a good fresh ham or turkey once you put your meats in the Deli Containers right after that then Vac-seal it. I cooked alot and once you seal your meats with your others rolls I do alot of Vac-seal the beef burgers and Sausages from frying Cat Fishes to Tilapia so I usally do the rolls and do the Vac-heat and Seal them with it. December 29, 2014
Small size and Hard to seal These containers are not only small, but they are difficult to seal. They are only large enough to hold a small salad, or half a dozen crackers. If they were a bit taller they would be much more useful. As they are now, if you have more than one 3" x 3" piece of lasagna to store, and that lasagna is more than 1/2" thick, forget about it fitting. The containers are also very difficult to seal. I had to try 3 or 4 times to get it to seal. You have to hold down all 4 corners at the same time to get it to seal. Hard to do when you only have 2 hands and one hand is needed for the handheld accessory. I do not recommend this product and I wish Foodsaver would have larger, "meal-size" containers that I could put a roast in. January 10, 2015
Great Product & Time Saver We have had the Food Saver machine with the roll & qt bags, but we just acquired the canister set, marinate container & the slim hand held saver. We love all the pieces & I have kept the qt size container with cheese for 2 weeks with no problem & I also used another qt container to put 1/2 a head of lettuce in. We used up the first 1/2 & then we tried the one in the container, it was very crisp & we just keep putting it back in for another week. It got a little rusty around the edges, but it never has destroyed the head. We are glad we have these products. November 4, 2013
Great container and love how they are so stackable I saw these when ordering replacement gaskets for my Food Saver and thought they looked functional and affordable. I have used them for everything already from cookies to keeping leftovers. I love how quick and easy they seal, not to mention they stack so easily in the fridge. I often buy spiral sliced hams and package up 90% in the Food Saver freezer bags. Now when I thaw out a package of sliced ham (which is ten times better than any deli ham and 5 times cheaper) I put it in the deli container and it stays fresh for as long as I need it to. Before I often would have dried out meat which I threw out when stored in typical plastic contains, but no more! I'll be ordering more of these the next time I order more plastic rolls for bags. December 30, 2013
Great solution for refrigerated items I absolutely love these containers. Besides left-overs, I've been using them to extend the life on items that I use a little at a time, like my basil and cilantro. Unlike a bag it doesn't damage leafy items and there's no issue re-sealing it multiple times, whereas with a bag you have to make is extra long so you can cut open and still reseal. I also used it on the guacamole I made and after 3 days it's still perfectly green. My only complaint is that these containers do not stack well. The tops are slightly rounded and slip off each other easily. June 17, 2013
convenient, easy to use & clean. they work! I use these for so many foods. Sliced cheeses, meats, even mushrooms and strawberries (cleaned, dry and cored). I have had strawberries last for 2 weeks! So easy to just pull the accessory hose and push 1 button! Love <3 Love <3 Love Loyal customer for over 20 years. My first sealer was about 1990. The foodsaver professional. It still works! I gave it to a friend to make room for the new deluxe stainless steel. With 1 touch! Used to have to hold the cover down with 2 hands until the vacuum and seal were complete. February 21, 2015
Easy to stack I love these small containers! Mainly because they stack and I can use the handheld vacuum. When the lid fits right, they are easy to seal. One of mine doesn't snap down very well, too loose. The problem I have is it is too short, I wish it was taller. Also the handheld vacuum doesn't hold it's charge. If I'm lucky, I can seal two containers. I received 3 of these containers with my second food saver. Suggestion: make it taller and be sure it snaps on right. Revamp the handheld vacuum. July 13, 2014
CONTAINER LID DOES NOT FIT & WILL NOT SEAL AT ALL! The deli containers that come with the FreshSaver with green writing on the lid work fine. The extra ones I bought with grey writing on the lid are useless. These deli containers are hard to close or they do NOT close at all properly. If not closed right they will not seal with the vacuum device. To get them to seal with the vacuum, the lid has to be pressed down and makes a pop. Then, they are hard to open after the vacuum is released. Improvement needed on this product. November 28, 2012
Could use some tweaking. I gave an excellent rating for value because I thought they were so very reasonably priced, however, they were a disappointment. I have one lid that does not work. It will not allow the air to be vacuumed out. Also, there is no real foolproof way to know if the air has been vacuumed out. The package says to look for the famous dimple, but I have yet to see one. I have found that you really have to press down hard on the handheld vacuum sealer for the lids that do work. February 3, 2015
Awful I finally gave up on this container and threw it in the trash. I could seal it, but the seal would only last a few hours. I have other Foodsaver containers that work very well. I'm not sure what went wrong with this one. I liked the idea of the container because it's more cost effective than the bags, but not if it won't seal correctly. I recommend either getting the sandwich and snack containers, lunch and leftover containers or the Freshsaver zipper bags. All of these work great. February 15, 2015
Deli Saver is a winner! The Deli Saver container is a little tricky to use. To get the sealing started, press down on the corners of the lid. Once you hear the timbre of the machine change, you can release. Once I discovered the "secret" to sealing the Deli Saver, I use them all the time! Lunchmeats, sliced cheeses, even veggies are kept fresher ... longer! I only wish there were similar containers available that were a bit deeper (for more flexibility in what can be stored in the container). February 24, 2014
n/a I wanted the resealable bag however,, Wallmart was out of the bags I wanted. They did have the Deli containers. What a disappointment!! I want something easy for my husband to use. He would never go through all the work they take to get a seal. Not good about closing bags, so I thought my problem was solved. Even I couldn't get them to seal until I went to your review sight. I ended up using the portable device. We shall see how long the seal holds. August 18, 2012
This product WORKS! There is no comparison in how much fresher our deli foods stay when kept in these deli containers and when they are in other storage products! I am going to order more! I can use them with either my counter top FoodSaver or my hand held FreshSaver units. My husband has had strokes, and he can easily use these containers with the handheld device to keep his lunch meats fresh. As always, FoodSaver has the best products that DO what they say they will do! July 18, 2015
Difficult to Seal I purchased a set of the Deli Containers and I've been trying for hours to seal them. We read the instructions many times and even watched videos online. Our containers just will not seal and will not get that "dimple" for proof that it is vacuumed. We're surprised at how difficult it is. We're going to try using Mason Jars with the FoodSaver Mason Jar Lid. Does anyone know if my hand held Food Fresh device will work with the Mason Jar Lid? Thanks! July 31, 2015
don't work regularly I have 4 of these. I bought the first 2 about 2 years ago, and forgot I had them or I would not have ordered these. Out of the 4, only one of them will shut good enough to be able to vaccum. The others have nothing wrong with them as far as I can see, they were not dirty, only been rinsed in hot water, then air dried, but the lids won't click on - put the lid on, pick the container up and the lids falls off. Even after vaccumming. July 11, 2015
Vacuum seal doesn't last long enough These containers work fine with foods that you eat daily or several times a week because you're constantly resealing them. But I wouldn't recommend them for storing foods that you use only once a week or less. I've tried mine for bacon and the vacuum seal never holds. Also, I wouldn't recommend stacking the containers in your fridge because if you slide them in or out, you could hit the flap on the one below, breaking its seal. December 12, 2011
Works great, reduces waste I have been using my FoodSaver almost daily for about a month and have both sizes of jar lid sealers, several of the dishes in different sizes, and the zipper bags. When used as directed, all work very well. Be sure the dish rims and jars are clean around the top and lids are on straight, which is easy to do, and they seal easily. I like all these zipper bags and jar lid accessories much better than the bags that must be cut after every use. I especially like the zipper bags, which can be easily resealed after each use without damaging the bag at all. This multi-use ability dramatically reduces the cost. I'm a single person and love that I waste a lot less food, like cheese and deli meats, that I would otherwise not seal after every use because of the cost of the bags. I'm highly satisfied with the entire product line. I've used other brands and they can't compare. December 2, 2014
Don't hold seal after a year I have had 2 sets of canisters, a marinator, and a pair of deli containers. They all worked for about a year, then all except the small canisters, leak the vacuum. And I can't see whey, except the large canisters get cracks in the plastic in the base, which are visible. I cleaned the seals in the marinator and oiled them, but no luck. Same with Deli containers. When these are a year old they simply need replacing. October 24, 2015
Great time saver I bought this for keeping cheese and lunch meat fresh and it does a great job doing it. Cheese seems to dry up and get moldy very easy but with these containers it's awesome. The ease in using this system is 5 stars alone. I have a large unit but taking it out for just a short use is inconvenient. I'm getting another one for my new mom granddaughter and I'm sure she will find lots of uses for it. Thank You September 27, 2014
Does the job! This product has not given us trouble after the first day. You just have to make sure your seal is tight. We hand wash as well so that nothing strange happens to the plastic, which could affect the seal. The value is here because you don;t have to go through a ton of the bags or rolls! I would like to see these without the need for the adapter. This would make sealing easier and the product more sturdy. October 21, 2014
Foodsaver Deli Container I have been using my FoodSaver system for over twenty years. I decided to give these containers a try because I was wasting money with the lunch meat spoiling! I wish I would have purchased these containers sooner! They are very sturdy, compact, good looking and you can see what's inside each container. The container will hold approx 1-1/2 pound of roast beef! I will definitely buy another set! April 15, 2014
Product doesn't work I bought several of these products to keep food fresh by keeping a vacuum and saving the food from spoiling but it doesn’t keep a seal for a day. The lid is manufactured so poor that the flexible top vacuum seal is off center and is pushed up by tabs inside the oval seat, thereby breaking the seal. All of the containers are the same. Don’t buy this product. It does not work as advertised! January 22, 2014
Threw mine away Over the years I have ordered several different containers thru Food Saver & there are only a few that actually work... These however are not one of them... They will not stay sealed & if you happen to get them to seal they won't stay sealed very long... I used them for lunch & deli meats only but never worked so I threw them all in the trash!!! Waste of time & money... The only canisters that work are the marinade canisters, sandwich & snack & the rectangular one... The cylinder containers & these stay away from I have been with food saver for more than 10 years & the only things I know work the best are the bags & the above mentioned containers but the only problem with the mentioned containers is that 2 of them are bulky in size limiting fridge space... I will say on a positive note that the new marinate canister they did make the lid smaller on the newer versions so it's not as bulky... July 13, 2015
Loses vacuum very quickly Just opened these up and tried them out. One unit loses vacuum in about 5 minutes (every time), and the other lasts bout 1 .5hrs. Obviously I would not vacuum pack food that I only intended to store for that short a time which makes these into little more than standard plastic storage containers. DO NOT BUY THESE if you think they will actually work as vacuum containers. December 19, 2013
Wonderful way to save money I keep assorted deli meats for sandwiches, salads, ms paninis. The deli keeper keeps them fresh so much longer than any other methods. It is easy to use. When I first started using it I had a bit of trouble making the lid air tight. After looking at other solutions, I started putting just a bit of moisture on the gasket. Presto! Problem solved. Now I plan to order more November 10, 2014
Won't Seal I bought 6 of these containers and not one will seal. I have tried all the hints other reviewers have suggested with no luck. The lids on the containers won't stay on without a seal, so they're not even useful as refrigerator storage. Very disappointed. I also have the set of round containers that came with another unit. They wouldn't seal either. The bags work fine. February 17, 2014
Sealing :? I had purchased 4 of these units based on previous reviews. Sorry to say these units have been nothing but headaches. Sometimes they seal and sometimes you can't get them to seal. I even tried swapping lids, making sure the gaskets and container rims are clean, and even to the point of removing the gaskets and reseating them. I wish they made a deli container that lives up to their name. December 10, 2012
Easy Test The Deli containers are great if they work. I ordered 4 and only 2 would vacuum. The first indication that the container is bad is placing the lid on the tub. It should click just a tad. The second test for me anyway was the adapter. Once vacuum begins the adapter is securely on the rubber piece on the lid. If it will not stay in place on it's on, the container and lid are defective. April 21, 2014
not real thrilled i purchased them at a store for the deli meat and cheese :( hmm not so good. the seal does not stay. i like turkey lunch meat it is expensive so when i want it i just go buy a few slices at a time. i was hoping to like them and purchase more but not satisfied. not read happy with washing them to many cross overs but i'm sure it's how they had to make it. December 31, 2011
EXCELLENT in reading some of the reviews - I have to recommend to folks to test your products before you use them, make sure seals are correct, and your are using it the way it is intended. these are excellent products, when I got them I unpacked them, and used them IM with out using food in them to test the seal, after 10 days they were still sealed tight. excellent all the way around! June 6, 2012
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