FoodSaver® 11" Portion Pouch Roll

FoodSaver® 11" Portion Pouch Roll




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Keep foods fresh up to 5X longer with the FoodSaver® Portion Pouch™ Heat Seal Roll. Durable, multi-ply material creates an air-tight seal to lock in freshness and taste. See More...

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The FoodSaver® 11" portion pouch rolls seal in freshness and preserve food flavors. The roll is perforated in the middle to allow for sealing two things at once! Perfect for storing leftovers and individual size portions, or bulk seal your food twice as fast. BPA free.
  • 11" x 16' roll, center perforated roll
  • Multi-ply material prevents freezer burn
  • Specially designed channels block oxygen and moisture to maximize air removal
  • BPA free
  • Simmer and microwave safe

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FoodSaver® 11" Portion Pouch Roll 4.6 5 601 601
Excellent Love this product! As a flight attendant I do a lot of single servings. These bags make it so easy to make small portions that heat up quickly in hot water, for an easy quick meal on the go. December 27, 2012
Love these bags! Make storing individual portions so easy. I purchase bulk foods and store them as individual servings. Great for storing individual portions of leftovers or "cook once eat all week" meals. March 14, 2013
This item is very convenient I like these portion pouches because they are so convenient for storing individual pieces of chicken and other single serving items. You only have to defrost what you need at the time. October 18, 2012
Great value I purchased 7 rolls and got a great deal. The product is not a "second" quality or generic. I've purchased generic bags and they do not work nearly as well as the real FoodSaver rolls. May 14, 2013
This product is great. I really like having a smaller bag. Using the double bag means I can put entree & side dish in the same bag. Food Saver is a wonderful kitchen utensil. It is a must- have in my home. August 31, 2011
Easy to use These are great bags. I've kept fruit in the freezer for over a year and it looks as good as the day I bagged it. On par with canning for long term storage. Keep up the good work. October 16, 2012
Great features I have used Food Saver products for many years.. I really llike the 11" roll of divided portion...that is a real life saver for anyone that feeds only one or two people at a time. June 26, 2013
This product is wonderful for leftovers. The FoodSaver Portion Pouch Roll is great. It can be used for small amounts and you can have your meat and veggies that are left over for another meal. Thanks so much, Twinkle August 27, 2012
Great product The Food Saver rolls are made of a very good quality material that holds up well to both freezing or cooking.My only negative comment would be that they are fairly expensive. May 10, 2012
Very handy packaging option I often buy bulk quantities of fish and steaks, portion them out, and freeze them. These pouches are more efficient than trying to make long, narrow pouches from the rolls. October 25, 2012
Prevents waste and saves time The smaller size option helps prevent wasting the larger pouches if they are not needed. Also, when buying 4 or 8 steaks (Filets) it's saves time to seal two bags at once. September 1, 2011
2 for 1 I love the Food Saver Product and honestly believe I'm saving $ every day. The dual perforated roll is my favorite as you can make 2 individuals at once and save time, too. October 11, 2012
Product just what I've been lookinjg for. Storing several small portions of one or more items is much easier with the portioned bag. Easier to store foods and much easier to retrieve. Cuts down on freezer chaos. May 28, 2013
LOVE LOVE LOVE these bags These bags are perfect for just about everything I freeze. Love it for single servings of soup or chili! My husband loves them for his trout. A must have in any kitchen! April 23, 2013
Great for harvest time These bags came in very handy when I was freezing produce. They work especially well for portioning off things like corn and peas. I could not survive without my bags! September 12, 2012
Great for Italian bread I hate how Italian bread only tastes great when its fresh. These rolls fit loaves of Italian bread perfectly so i can have fresh Italian bread whenever i want it. October 21, 2012
Great Idea Long Overdue--This is a time and material saver--It allows the user to purchase in volume and package and preserve smaller portions-Great for a small household-- September 4, 2011
Foodsaver seals anything! Seal a meal to freeze. Repackage meats into meal-sized portions to freeze and seal. Seal leftovers. Seal small extra hardware that comes with something and label it to keep it together. You name it, you can seal it. I have found many uses for the Foodsaver. The rolls are the most versatile and are very strong when sealed. Things are vacuum-packed for freshness and there is no freezer burn. Love this product. Different sized rolls are available to suit one's needs. Great product!. August 23, 2013
Great for an empty nester I love the perfect portion bags. My daughter just left for school, and I needed a way to save smaller portions of meat and veggies. These bags fit the bill. September 4, 2012
Great idea! Great bag saver idea - I can make double the bags in no time. Sometimes when I have bulky items, I have to separate to vacuum seal - but that's no problem. July 11, 2011
Very handy for smaller amounts and spices. I was forever trying to make small bags for smaller amounts or dividing up bulk spices. These are great for that or long thin items like spaghetti noodles. September 13, 2012
Portion pouches are terrific I make alot of beef jerky. The portion pouches are perfect for sealing 8 oz packets. I have also used them to portion chicken breasts. It is a great idea. July 20, 2012
Easily and conveniently store away your leftovers The portion pouch roll is a godsend! I can easily store enough leftovers for two meals with no hassle and no mess. What will FoodSaver think of next! April 27, 2013
New FoodSaver bags It's nice to be able to evacuate different size packages at the same time and I especially like the ability to cut them in two sections if desired. October 31, 2012
LOVE LOVE These are perfect for just the 2 of us. I can buy in bulk and easily save individual servings for future use. They are very handy and time saving. April 9, 2013
Product is good promotion was bad Could only buy one item at the buy one get one free promotion.Would have bought more but couldn't get the one for free after buying the first one. July 22, 2013
Good size I like the portion size and that it allows me to seal 2 bags at once. Pre-cut all my chicken, and now I have easy prep. with perfect sized bags. August 30, 2011
a versitile product I like this product for many reasons! 6 " bags are not made anymore. Portion control is great for 2 family or single serving. Great job guys May 28, 2013
Handy portion control for long and/or skinny foods I'm using the Portion Pouch roll for the first time, and I like it. I often have need for a long, narrow bag, for things like bacon (cooked or not), hot dogs, sliced cheese, breadsticks, deli meat, etc., and I'd say this bag is a "good fit" for those kinds of items. I haven't tried sealing two bags at once, as the product says you can do, but that sounds like a fun challenge! Have I mentioned that we love our Food Saver and we seal just about anything that isn't tied down? :) September 3, 2013
Portion pouches are easy to use. I really like the portion pouches. I can buy in bulk and freeze enough for two real easy! Just rip a side off when I'm ready to use it. July 24, 2013
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