FoodSaver® 11" Portion Pouch Roll

FoodSaver® 11" Portion Pouch Roll




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Keep foods fresh up to 5X longer with the FoodSaver® Portion Pouch™ Heat Seal Roll. Durable, multi-ply material creates an air-tight seal to lock in freshness and taste. See More...

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The FoodSaver® 11" portion pouch rolls seal in freshness and preserve food flavors. The roll is perforated in the middle to allow for sealing two things at once! Perfect for storing leftovers and individual size portions, or bulk seal your food twice as fast. BPA free.
  • 11" x 16' roll, center perforated roll
  • Multi-ply material prevents freezer burn
  • Specially designed channels block oxygen and moisture to maximize air removal
  • BPA free
  • Simmer and microwave safe

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FoodSaver® 11" Portion Pouch Roll 4.6 5 609 609
good idea but Seemed like a great idea, seal two bags at a time should equate to saving time and I like the small bags anyway since I cook mostly for two. But in reality. I usually fold the top of the bag down before filling it so the space where the seal will be stays clean, can't fold down bags that are attached so you end up trying to wipe the inside of the bag before it will seal. Plus they are a nuisance in general to try and fill one side at a time. They are also more tricky to get into the sealer with no wrinkles. I end up tearing 'em in half first and then filling them. Kinda defeats the purpose but they work well that way. May 8, 2014
Useful solution that reduces bag waste. The portion pouch rolls are ideal for my needs. I have to prepare bulk meals for my 89 year old mother. Originally I put her meals on a divided plate, froze it, and then sealed the entire plate using the standard 11-inch rolls. This was not effective, as some foods did not warm as fast as others in the oven or microwave. With the portion pouch rolls, I can freeze my foods in a muffin pan and then seal them individually side by side. This allows me to thaw them more easily and avoid over cooking. I love this idea and will definitely purchase more in the future. July 26, 2013
Wonderfully useful! I love these bags. I live alone and loathe waste. I eat six very small meals each day and that means that often a pizza is far too large, or a meal made by an assistant is too big. Into the trash? Heaven's no! Give me portion bags and I'll put the leftover meatloaf on one side and the leftover potatoes and gravy on the other. The left vegetables go on one side and any leftover sides or bread goes on the side. And when sealed, the whole meal goes into a 2.5 gallon easily sealed storage bag called "Small Complete Meals." It stays gorgeous in the freezer and just try these bags in a pan of boiling water. They're perfect. August 10, 2014
Really like the portion pouches. I really like the portion pouch concept. Makes a nice small bag for individual servings or small items. For example,. I usually put two chicken breasts in an 8" bag, but when my son comes home I have to defrost 4 chicken breasts, now using portion pouches, I only need to rip the bag in half and defrost one at a time. Great! I have used these to do chicken breasts and 1 pound portions of hamburger, Cost is the same as 11" bags, can't beat it. October 10, 2011
I'm a very happy camper! My newest foodsaver is the V3860 - it almost works by itself! This is my 3rd FoodSaver - improvements are wonderful. Also, I love reading reviews, gives me all kinds of ideas. Can't imagine being without it! August 19, 2011
wonderful for dried goods My husband and I like to plan ahead in case of emergency. We had bought a large load of rice and wondered how best to protect it after weevils invaded one bag and we had to toss it. I decided to portion out the rice for how much I would normally cook for my family and then poured it into each pouch. It took a half hour of my time and a whole roll of the double pouches, but the rice is secure from those pesky weevils now and the next time I want to cook rice, I just rip off a package, open it up and dump it into the water, no measuring needed. The only thing that I noticed was that toward the end of the package, there were two partitions that didn't seal very well on one side as the air wasn't sucked out enough. I ended up wasting four bags, but the rest held up well. June 22, 2012
Great product but not for everything. It was kind of difficult get chicken breasts into the pouches but extremely convenient for dinners because you can pull out individual chicken breasts instead of trying to thaw 4 frozen together! I also enjoyed tearing the perforated parts :) Overall I think it's a great idea but the pouches also have a place in the foodsaver world... in other words, I don't feel the perforated pouches can replace the standard roll for me anyway. This is because there is such a large variety of items I vacuum seal and not all of them will fit into the pouches. October 9, 2012
Won't seal wet items at times-but good for dry I had problems sealing some wet items, I know you need to dry the inside and outside of bad where it is going to be sealed. But, if too much moisture is sucked up by the vacuam process it doesn't seal the bags completly, and you have to cut off enough to try it again, depending on how much spare bag you have left. Only one side sealed but not the other so I tore it into seperate portions, and tried to reseal the side that did not seal. I ended up having to try at least four times, with paper towels inside, but I should have just left in the frezzer until frozen to seal. December 14, 2012
It's been a long time coming! I have acually been making these out os 11' rolls for years it is quite the task to do this on your own. Thank you so much for developing this product! August 13, 2013
Love this product! I love these individual pouches! I love blueberries in my oatmeal but after opening a bag of frozen blueberries ice begins to build up and eventually ruins them. With the pouches I can measure out how much I need for a bowl and freeze it! Now I just take out a pouch and they are great! No ice at all on the berries! I also buy nuts and trail mix in bulk and freeze individual serving sizes. I fill two at a time and vacuum seal them at the same time. I keep empty ice cream containers to hold them in in freezer so there aren't packets all over! July 13, 2013
Reply to Dan in Miami's sealing problem I think you have the same problem sealing as I did before I figured out what the problem was. When you store your machine in the closed and locked position, the two rubber gaskets tend to stick to each other when you open the machine. Make sure each gasket is where it belongs before you try to seal. Once this is done, you should have no more problems. November 16, 2011
having fun with it Always freeze everything in so called "freezer bags" and everything dries out and gets covered in ice crystals. Now anymore! But I had to learn how to use the "gentle" vacuum feature really quick. We buy a dozen bagels or cider donuts and freeze them in a bag. Not good, Now I can use the foodsaver and freeze them individually. However, I did not stop the machine in time and they are squished and funny looking. Still taste fresh though. Best thing I've ever purchased. Just needed to learn the vacuum feature properly. November 28, 2011
If your like me you, want to sav you ant o ve tha If your like me, you want that leftover for a future lunch or you just made 6 servings of your favorite main course. You need to make your storage packaging single serving size for yourself to enjoy in the future. The problem in the past has always been that your Food Saver Bags are just too darn big. Not any more, because these 11, inch wide rolls are perforated in the middle. Perfect for leftovers and single size servings! Yep, You can even save to order time February 6, 2013
Ease of filling I live alone and find Portion Pouches perfect for cooking ahead. I found them a little difficult to fill while keeping the sealing area clean. Finally settled on a hot beverage cup with the bottom cut off. Works like a charm. Easy to find and replace. February 29, 2012
great product for individual portions I used this product after making up a batch of hamburgers - it was great for making a 2 person serving and only using the sealer one time. My only advice is if you are using this for something moist, such as my hamburger, don't make the bags too long - it took a little maneuvering to get the burger to slide to the bottom of the bag - but practice makes perfect and I got the hang of it after a few tries. I would definitely recommend this. September 7, 2012
Portion Pouches help me save money! Even though there are only two of us, I still purchase 'family packs' from the meat section of the grocery store because they're so much cheaper. With Portion Pounches, I can easily package and freeze chicken breasts and pork chops individually in packs of two. Plus if I have leftovers, and can package the vegie on one side and main dish on the other; then just pull it out of the freezer and microwave a "free" healthy weekend lunch! November 7, 2012
Great for single households These bags are perfect for me, I live alone and now I cook extra portions and freeze them separately in the bags...they have saved me a food places are a thing of my past. The bags are pricey and I don't usually re use them, but they are still cost efficient compared to eating out or throwing away spoiled food. April 15, 2012
Portion pouch What I like about this product is the convience of two sides. I can put two servings in one side and another two servings in the other. If I need only two servings, just separate and I will have just two. Should I have company and need more then two, take out both and I will have enough for four. I can also put meat in one side and the marinade in the other. They are frozen together and the sauce won't get "lost" in the freezer. June 30, 2011
Favorite size I am happy that you now have a smaller size bag-roll size. I have always liked the 6 " size. I have been unable to get them. This is a better size roll for me. It is perfect for freezing vegatables for 1 or 2 people. This will be my favorite size. December 28, 2011
A "lightbulb" idea! This is certainly one of those "why-didn't-I-think-of-that" ideas! You're putting up two foods that you'll eat together; why wouldn't you store them in a side by side bag? You've got an economy bag of chips but want to put them up in smaller portions; of course you'd use a side by side bag! Great product. July 25, 2011
Easy to use and looks great on the counter I purchased my Vacuum sealer to freeze vegetables from our garden every year. I have used it now for 3 years with no problem. You just have to make sure that after you blanch the veggies to dry them good before sealing them. I lay them out on paper towels so they drain really well before putting them in the bags and sealing them. Of course you can make small and large packages depending on what size your family is. I like to use the microwaveable bags for broccoli. It only takes 4 minutes in the microwave and it tastes like you just picked it. Thanks for such an easy to use kitchen appliance. August 12, 2013
Great Product for Small Items I think this is a great product which is a timesaver and supplies an easy method to divide individual portions. I would definitely buy this product again, but it has limited use as each side is quite small. I have used it for loin lamb chops (one meal portion each side), and other small items such as shrimp, etc. It works really well for muffins and doughnuts, and is great for cookies as I can just defrost a few at a time. August 10, 2012
Nice idea I like the idea of these. I haven't found that many foods yet that I have used these for - I typically am storing larger batches of food. I did use them for trail mix and nuts. My biggest issue with them is filling them. I've found it difficult to fill each side without losing control - I fill one side and haven't figured out how to fill the other without spilling the food. My husband helps. It would be great to have some sort of stand to hold the bags while they are being filled. April 22, 2013
Product is wasteful I thought I was doing something wrong - I couldn't get my machine to pull the air out of the bags. I tried several times, wasted several bags. Come to find out, instead of the usual couple of inches needed to suck out the air and seal properly, you must add an additional 2 to 3 inches. If you don't, the bag wrinkles and won't allow the machine to do it's job. This is very wasteful. Our son and daughter in law had the same problem. We both agree, waste of money and bags - defeats the purpose. August 11, 2011
Makes two bags at once Saves time by making two bags at once. Great for individual servings or small portions. July 7, 2011
Good Value for your buck With the kids gone from the house and just the wife and I left, we often have leftovers. The portion bags allow us to freeze the leftovers in portions that we would eat. It is also great for bulk purchases. We now package everything in portions that we would eat therefore cutting down on wasted food or having to eat the same food until we were sick of it. I would recommend these portion bags to anyone who owns a Foodsaver system. August 27, 2012
Like getting 2 bags in 1 We have a garden, so I cut up the vegetables and put them in the bags. Then when it is time to use them, I take out what I want and reseal the bag. Just the right size for single portions. They are skinny and doesn't take up a lot of room in the freezer. Great idea !!! June 30, 2011
terrific way to store for two I got these to store two pieces for myself and my husband because we eat at different times .its also good because we dont always want the same thing,and to open and seal a bag for one is wastfull. this way we always have "what" we want "when" we want.Thanks Foodsaver! November 5, 2011
Great Idea....In Theory I found that for smaller portions I was wasting a lot of bag, so when I saw these I thought it solved the issue. Boy was I wrong! In order to get the air out, you have to leave 3 inches of extra space and then tear them apart before attempting to get the air out. Otherwise, the air pocket stays in and is pointless to use these. I regret buying these and they were a complete waste of money. January 18, 2013
The bags are ideal for our needs. I have used the Foodsaver machines and bags for many years which has saved us a lot of money by being able to buy in quantity and repackage into smaller portions. I am very excited about the perforated portion pouches because now I can process the meals in small batches and use as many servings as needed to serve my family. Thanks Foodsaver for a wonderful new product. December 7, 2011
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